Short Course: Teaching with Writing Online

With this modular short course, the Teaching with Writing team offers University of Minnesota faculty members and instructors an opportunity to focus on course-specific online writing instruction. Each module is composed of a combination of interactive, synchronous meetings and independent, asynchronous activities. Asynchronous time is dedicated to developing or revising course materials, reviewing resources, and experimenting with tools while synchronous sessions are spent in structured discussions and team activities.  

We define “writing” to include words, numbers, figures, sketches, visuals, etc., ensuring that our discussions and tools are relevant and pragmatic for courses across the University curriculum. Throughout the short course, we take a case-study approach: participants identify a single course that they will be modifying to move it into a partially or fully online venue. 

Aims: The course aims to support University of Minnesota instructors in…

  • Developing approaches to writing instruction that are realistic and contextually relevant.
  • Leveraging the affordances and minimizing the challenges associated with online writing and writing instruction.
  • Devising (or revising) writing assignments and assessment tools appropriate for online learning.

Outcomes: By the end of the course, participants will have...

  • Sampled and discussed a variety of online writing tools and instructional modes in order to select those that will align well with course and student needs.
  • Devised or revised high-stakes and low-stakes writing assignments that are appropriate for online venues.
  • Given and received feedback on instructional materials.
  • Created assignment-specific grading schemes that ensure fair, constructive assessment of student writing.
  • Devised student-oriented inventory questions and reflective activities that will help align course tools, platforms, and instructional modes with students’ access to and proficiency with these tools.


Pamela Flash, Director, Writing Across the Curriculum; Co-Director, Center for Writing

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Daniel Emery, Assistant Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

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