The Writing Across the Curriculum program offers an interdisciplinary faculty and staff writing retreats, known as Writing Hunkers. These programs combine dedicated independent writing time with structured writing activities, writing and research consultations, and reflective lunchtime discussions about writing and teaching. Hunkers create a distraction-free, supportive, and productive community of writers from a wide variety of disciplines and a range of academic ranks at the University of Minnesota. 

Apply now for the the May 2022 Faculty Writing Hunker!

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May 23–27, 2022
9:00 am–3:30 pm
Nicholson Hall (East Bank)

The Summer Faculty Writing Hunker is a five-day, interdisciplinary faculty/P&A writing retreat in Nicholson Hall on May 23-27, 2022. Writing Hunkers create a supportive and productive community of scholarly writers from a range of disciplines and academic ranks at the University of Minnesota.

Whether you have a grant proposal to write, a journal article to revise, or a manuscript to complete, participating in the Summer Hunker can help you focus your writing activities and establish a plan and routine for your summer research. Each day is dedicated to independent writing time in a quiet and collegial environment. Brief structured writing activities, lunch discussions about writing, and opportunities for consultation and feedback on writing and teaching with writing round out the week’s activities.

We seek applicants who have specific projects already in development and can devote an entire week to making progress on their writing projects.

Applications are due by 4 pm, Monday, May 9. Priority consideration is given to those who have not previously participated in a Hunker.

We will encourage all applicants to participate in our Hunker community and various writing groups (for motivation, accountability, or feedback).



Daniel Emery, Assistant Director, Writing Across the Curriculum



Interested? Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Writing Hunkers (including developing your own departmental or area Hunker), please contact Dan Emery ([email protected]).

For additional support for your writing and research, please see our Resources for scholarly writers page. If you are a graduate student writer interested in writing support (or a faculty member who advises graduate writers), please see the Dissertation Writing Retreat and Student Writing Support resources, especially for graduate writers.