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The Department of Sociology, composed of 32 faculty members, 60 TAs, and more than 500 undergraduate majors, began its engagement in the WEC process in 2013 with the goal of creating a more cohesive writing program to develop students' analytic writing abilities across the wide range of class topics, levels of abstraction, and across the various types of qualitative and quantitative data they encounter in the major. The departmental goal is for students to both develop and apply critical writing and thinking abilities in assignments throughout the sociology curriculum, in their senior theses, and into their post-graduation lives. In its third-edition Writing Plan, approved in December 2017, Sociology has identified three key areas of focus:

  1. Supporting relevant writing instruction throughout their curriculum—from large-enrollment introductory courses to senior seminars—by expanding and promoting widespread use of its WEC website. This rich and evolving set of student-facing and instructor-facing resources is designed to support the infusion of field-relevant writing and writing instruction into Sociology courses.
  2. Building community around locally-relevant writing and writing instruction by expanding its thematic teaching lunches every semester and continuing the annual teaching demonstrations by faculty members and teaching assistants.
  3. Supporting valid and equitable assessment of student writing by offering (and where needed, revising) a menu of faculty-generated grading criteria, developing model rubrics that can be adapted across courses, and offering instructional workshops focused on grading student writing in Sociology.

Sociology Writing Plan