The Department of History enrolls between 450 and 500 undergraduates in its major. The department’s 40–45 faculty members also teach thousands of non-majors who take History courses at all curricular levels as part of their Liberal Education degree requirements.

Since joining WEC in 2007, the department has created and implemented three additions of writing plans, in which faculty members articulated and reassessed the essential role writing plays in academic learning, reviewed the requirements for the History major, and developed proposals to revise the requirements to incorporate a more structured approach to writing instruction.

The Department of History is also the first WEC unit to create a Legacy Writing Plan, approved by the Campus Writing Board in May 2020. The Legacy Plan includes four core goals to be implemented over the next two years: (1) fostering collaboration among graduate student instructors, teaching assistants, undergraduate majors, and faculty; (2) developing instructor- and student-facing Canvas-based resources focused on the teaching and practice of writing in History; (3) engaging in an annual Fall Orientation and monthly meetings to discuss the roles of writing across the curriculum; (4) expanding the scope of writing in History to include new modes and modalities and broader audiences.

History Writing Plan