The 27 faculty members in the Construction Management major, part of the College of Continuing & Professional Studies, offer its 150+ enrolled students their expertise in such fields as construction engineering, facility management, and architecture. Students and faculty in this department bring their professional experience to their studies and work in a range of written genres from proposals, professional contracts, specifications, contract, and business communications to include reporting, argumentation, and group writing.

With its third-edition Writing Plan, Construction Management has implemented a new process of review for courses, focused specifically on writing. Building off of the success of the Student Writing Style Guide, this process of review creates incentives for faculty to incorporate meaningful writing instruction in all courses to directly support their teaching and ensures consistency in expectations across courses. WEC support helps to bring subject matter experts, instructional designers, and writing professionals together to ensure the best writing environments for students.  This regular process of review not only leads to the ongoing improvement of course materials but also helps ensure the long-term, consistent commitment to high-quality writing instruction in the Construction Management program.

Finally, an article describing the program's WEC work has been published. Click here to view Improving Writing Skills of Construction Management Undergraduates.

Construction Management Writing Plan