Approximately 130 students are currently enrolled in the Department of Philosophy’s undergraduate major. The department’s 14 faculty members help students read and write about philosophy and its history, noting that a good philosophical education not only hones students’ academic skills but also enhances their capacity to participate responsibly and intelligently in public life.

In implementing the third edition of their Writing Plan, the Department has focused on providing consistent and ongoing support for graduate student TAs. This support takes the form of an annual workshop series (jointly facilitated by graduate students and faculty) and a companion website. Recent workshops have focused on conferencing with students, addressing clarity issues in student writing, and integrating the department’s WEC-generated writing criteria into the curriculum. In Spring 2016, the Department of Philosophy launched its Outstanding Undergraduate Paper competition, which judges essays using the department’s writing criteria.

The winner of the 2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Paper Award is William Marsolek for his essay, "Is Kuhn a Relativist?"

Philosophy Writing Plan