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The School of Architecture, one of three departments comprising the College of Design, enrolls approximately 400 undergraduate Architecture majors. Architecture's 22 faculty members challenge traditional notions of writing through the dialogue between architecture's identity as a discipline—which requires aesthetic theorizing—and a profession which demands clear oral, written, and visual communication with clients.

During its first year of Writing Plan implementation, Architecture conducted extensive curriculum mapping to investigate where and how writing was being assigned, and which of the writing values faculty prized were being addressed explicitly in writing assignments and activities. In its second year of implementation, and toward this same end, undergraduate faculty held a full-day course presentation and exchange. This enlightening event provided faculty members with ideas about how they might build from one another's approaches and assignments. Throughout this process, the faculty engaged in lively discussion about ways that writing and design processes and products relate. Finally, a WEC RA was hired to hold annual workshops for Architecture TAs, and to design two websites: one for Architecture faculty, and one for students enrolled in Architecture courses.

School of Architecture Writing Plan