Economics, an undergraduate program within the College of Liberal Arts, with 21 faculty and 950+ economics majors, is a quantitative social science department that instills in students the craft of careful theoretical and empirical reasoning which underlies all research and teaching in the curriculum. A unique relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis provides undergraduates with the opportunity to work with economists and researchers in the field.

For its first-edition Writing Plan, Economics focused on four core implementation goals: (1) restructuring the senior capstone project; (2) redesigning and updating existing writing assignments; (3) developing writing-based materials to be implemented into the current TA training program; and (4) offering two workshops each semester on topics such as “Providing Constructive Feedback on Student Drafts,” “Developing Grading Rubrics,” and “Integrating Five-Minute In-class Writing Activities.”

For its second-edition Writing Plan, approved by the Campus Writing Board in Summer 2018, Economics will continue to focus on supporting capstone-level writing. This includes ongoing work with the redesign of ECON 3951: Major Project Seminar, as well as developing a capstone-level writing assignment in Econometrics for students pursuing a B.S. degree. Additionally, Economics will develop a Canvas-based resource for students that includes materials on presenting and interpreting results, effective statistical communication, econometric techniques, and choosing and working with theoretical models (e.g. cross-sectional growth regressions, etc.).

Economics Writing Plan