Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (ESPM), an interdisciplinary major in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) has 54 faculty teaching over 280 undergraduate students. ESPM focuses on interdisciplinary knowledge, research, and community-based experiences; ESPM students are positioned to gain a broad perspective on environmental issues through coursework in the basic natural and social sciences and applied environmental policy, management, communication, and law.

For its first-edition Writing Plan, ESPM identified the building of a cross-departmental “Writing Network” of faculty and graduate students as its principal goal. This Writing Network offered workshops on “Designing Effective Writing Assignments,” “Teaching with Writing in Five-Minute Increments,” and “Writing for Diverse Audiences.”

In its second-edition Writing Plan, approved in Spring 2017, ESPM continues to support the Writing Network’s workshops and discussions along with efforts to map syllabi and writing assignments to identify gaps in addressing desired writing abilities. In Fall 2017, ESPM hosted a community-wide panel discussion on the relevant writing genres in the field. Panelists included stakeholders from environmental science consulting firms, NGOs, and businesses. ESPM will also launch an annual TA training workshop in Spring 2018.

Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management Writing Plan