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The Department of Applied Economics, in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS), offers teaching, research, and outreach programs in four broad areas: food and agricultural economics; environmental and resource economics; growth, development, and trade; and public sector economics. With two customizable undergraduate majors, the programs balance lower-division coursework in the liberal arts with upper-division training in economic theory and the functional areas of business management. The nearly 300 students in both majors are charged with developing strong critical thinking skills, data analysis proficiency, and the ability to communicate effectively to diverse governmental, business, and private sector audiences.

In its third-edition Writing Plan, the department will continue to expand its sustained engagement with writing, focusing intensively on writing in the contexts of quantitative analysis. The analysis and interpretation of quantitative data are at the heart of the discipline’s work, and students develop their writing abilities alongside skills of data analysis and management. Using information from students, industry partners, and their most recent writing assessment, faculty members continue to design assignments and assessments that help to prepare students to contribute immediately to the field upon graduation. Faculty and instructors continue to meet regularly and share resources for teaching with writing and evaluating students’ written work.

Applied Economics Writing Plan